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Mold Testing Services

Millions of people have allergies, and mold is a common irritant. Mold is also a known trigger of asthma. Symptoms of exposure to mold can be as simple as a stuffy nose or watery eyes, but in some cases, they can be much more serious. Certain types of mold give off toxins that can be the source of serious health issues. According to the Centers For Disease Control, some types of mold are known carcinogens.

Hernly Environmental provides comprehensive mold and flood-related investigations, and our staff includes Council-certified Residential Mold Inspectors.

Mold testing in recommended for buildings with a musty smell, buildings that have had water leaks, and buildings that contain visible mold growth. Testing begins with a visual inspection of the entire building and based upon our clients’ needs, can include:

Our reports include detailed findings, and step-by-step remediation recommendations. We also work closely with analytical laboratories and mold abatement and restoration specialists to provide you with a complete solution to your mold and moisture related issues.