Roberts/Luther/Mitchell House

Lawrence, KS (2022)

1313 Massachusetts Street

1313 Massachusetts Street is a 2,650 square-foot National Folk style house with Craftsman style additions. Originally constructed in 1870, the house went through various modifications between 1874 and 1960, with each addition expressing the style and design trend popular at the time; the changes have acquired historical significance in their own right and were retained as part of the project. The house is a single-family residence, as it was used historically. 

The stone foundation on the exterior and interior was repointed. The windows were restored and new exterior mounted aluminum storm windows were installed to protect the historic windows. The existing narrow strip oak floor was repaired and refinished; in places the floor could not be salvaged, new oak flooring was added to match the existing. Cracked plaster on walls and ceilings was repaired. Built-in cabinets located in the foyer, master bedroom closet, dining room, and kitchen were refinished. The stairs and guardrail were refinished. The master bedroom was reconfigured to include a master bathroom and closet. 

The Roberts/Luther/Mitchell House retains historic integrity with character features, such as overall shape and interior space arrangement, historic materials, and historic design changes. The house was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2022. It also received a Thematic Nomination as part of the Historic Resources of Lawrence from the Kansas Historical Society in 2001. 

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