Located in historic Downtown Lawrence, Hernly Associates, Inc. is a full-service architectural design firm. Since 1987, Hernly Associates has established itself as a regional leader in historic rehabilitation and residential design garnering numerous awards and recognition for its work. So, whether you are looking to spruce up your existing home or developing a commercial facility, the staff at Hernly Associates is well-equipped to transform your ideas into reality. Email or call to set up a meeting and together we can start the process of taking your ideas from plans to construction.


From the Owner

After graduating from Ball-State in 1983 I felt that there must be more to architecture than the “high styled buildings” I studied in history classes or the “STAR-chitect” approach emphasized in design studio. We all want to have control over our work-life balance to the greatest extent possible; I knew I would work harder for myself, and harder for my clients, if it was my name above the door and my reputation on the line.

I like helping clients meet their project goals. I like historic preservation projects, especially the “diamonds-in-the-rough” where an old building has new life breathed into it. I like working with pragmatic people with pragmatic goals. I believe the homes we build for ourselves are primarily a reflection of the resources we have and the values we hold.

Running a small family-business for thirty-five years has many ups and downs; it helps focus effort, and it keeps a person humble. The success of a small business rests on the relationships it builds with the community, not on marketing of services. Small architecture firms live and die on two things: repeat business and referrals from past clients. Those things are earned over time by building trust, displaying our pragmatic work ethic, and quality customer service.

What is your story? How can I, and the staff at Hernly Associates, help with your project?

– Stan Hernly, Owner & Principal